How to bypass blocked website from your school/office

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Our office or school normally will filter the content that deliver to or from us. It is to avoid us to access illegal websites or download illegal contents. Sometimes, even our Internet Service Provider install the filter to avoid access to certain website. So, i believe everyone will try some ways to bypass them, am i right?

Some people trying to use Proxy Server or VPN to bypass the filter. But, most of the free Proxy Servers are overloaded and it slow down the speed while VPN required monthly subscription. So, is there any other way to bypass the filter? Yes, it does. Thanks to BlogIsEverything, which provide an introduction about convert your URL to HEX code.

There are a few services which can provide conversion from text to hex:

  1. SwingNote
  2. Centricle

An example for the conversion:
Hex: %62%6c%6f%67%2e%74%65%63%68%73%6e%61%63%6b%2e%6e%65%74

Paste the Hex code in your browser and you will then being point to

Note: I try to paste them in Firefox, but it returns the search result from Google. But it works fine for IE. I still haven’t try with other browsers, anyone willing to help me try on them?

Source: BlogIsEverything

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  • Jasmine

    Opera works, but it doesn’t bypass the firewall/server in my school at all. :(

  • Wing Loon

    It works for my notebook’s IE in Vista but it can’t bypass my company’s SmartFilter proxy, :(

  • Marc Sidhom

    I tried it with IE but same result, it is blocked as it is hotmail written…. :(

  • Ashley Lee

    This sucks… It doesn’t work on IE.

  • mikeymoo

    try this site it used to work at my school but they blocked it

  • mikeymoo
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  • behnam

    i want to visit this site . but it is filterd by government

  • http://Bebo LiL Jon

    hey yo im tryin 2 get on bebo, but dis shit dnt work yo..

  • skyy

    try works for me at my school

  • Abhishek

    this system doesn’t work at al…

  • onemancirclepit

    tried with opera, firefox and IE all with no luck. firefox was the most promising as it spit me into google’s alpha-computing. still no luck though. i tried using angry IP scanner to look for vulnerabilities with the workstation which got me into c:/ but smartfilter must be pushing down from the server. my guess is that the only way to truely bypass it is to run a .exe or batch file to disable it’s hold in the registry

  • kentzz

    this is the solution to all your problem….Proxy switcher.. download this one…

    it will hide your IP.

    • Micheal

      Dude this this the right solution but how i download it firstly , if i have already site restriction ….if i m clicking on this link
      this don’t responding… or show restricted area.
      Tell me some helpful solution .

      I like to use orkut ,gmail ect in my office.

      is there any other way to do these thing :)

  • Sonam Penjor

    please send me some solutions to access to the restricted websites

  • NeGaTiVe-20

    If you are trying to access a blocked site from your school their security usually sucks. Most of the time there is an easy way around it. Don’t go directly to the first page for example if is blocked you can go to and then navigate from there. Same for most sites. Go to the site you want to use at home, go to the second page of the site and write down the url. When you get to school type the full url of the second page of the site and it should take you to it. Another option is ultrasurf on a usb drive and use it at most schools and offices. There is no installation required and uses a proxy to bypass security. If you are a little more savvy than most you can use PingTunnel to get online it uses tcp over icmp or NSTX which uses IP over DNS to bypass security. Hope this helps you all. Good luck

  • kk

    it does not work with IE……..

  • Ko Ko

    I would like to bypess these website from myanmar. please help me.

  • Mark Ackley

    Hotspot Shield VPN ( )allows you to change your location and access Gmail at work in complete privacy.