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TinyPaste – TinyURL for text

Posted by Dickey on Sep 27th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet | 2 Comments

TinyPaste sounds similar with TinyURL. TinyURL able to turn long URL into short URL, while TinyPaste able to turn long text into an URL.

Sometimes, when you want to send some message to your freind through MSN, but MSN limits the maximum lengths for each conversation. So, you may need to separate one message into different messages. It is very troublesome and time consuming.

So, TinyPaste may help us as it will store your message in the database, generate a short URL for you. After that, you just send the URL to your friend and they can view the original content through the URL.

TinyPaste will convert the text to Unicode format. so you can use it to store Chinese or even Japanese language text. I think this is really a good idea, but it is even better if user can encrypts the message.

TinyPaste – URL shorten service which tracks total clicks

Posted by Dickey on Jul 26th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet | 1 Comment is not just a URL shorten service. Instead, it provide extra features such as track total clicks to the shorten URL.

There are a lot of URL shorten service around the internet. For example, we have tinyURL, which is among the most popular URL shorten service. is a new launch similar service. But, it provide some extra feature for the users. For example, it will keep track total clicks to the shorten URL.

Beside the tracking service, lets users to provide custom keyword. For example, you can customize your shor URL like Some users may ask whether provide bookmarklet button for quick creating of short URL. The answer is yes. You can drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and create URL easily.

Summary of features:

  1. Custom keyword
  2. bookmarklet
  3. API service for web developers
  4. Click/referring tracking
  5. Automatic create thumbnail for the page link through (although i can’t get it to function probably, but the author mention this feature in his blog, so i just list out)

Source: author’s blog

LinkBunch – Turn multiple URLs into one

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With LinkBunch, you can save dozens of URLs under one shorter URL and then share with your friends.

LinkBunchThere are a lot of service which can cut a long URL into a shorter one, but none of them can condense multiple URLs into a single URL. But, LinkBunch provides this service and you can condense as many URLs as you one. The result is a single and short URL which look like this

LinkBunch main

When you open the link, you can see a list of URLs taht you had included. They provide a button “Open entire bunch” for users to open all URLs in new tab. The developers of LinkBunch also create a Firefox extension so that you can instantly create “Bunch” link for all open tabs in your browser. This is very useful when you want to save all the opened tab page and share with your friends.

LinkBunch | Firefox extension

6 free URL redirection service

Posted by Dickey on Jan 6th, 08 | Filed under Internet, Tutorial | 12 Comments

There are a lot of URL redirection service. Here, i would like to introduce TinyURL, SnipURL, MooURL, Small Links, urlTea, and 0rz.


I believe TinyURL is the most popular URL redirection service. How-To Geek had shared some tips on How to See Where a TinyUrl Is Really Linking To and Create a TinyUrl the Easy Way in Firefox.


SnipURL offer some advance features over the other URL redirection service. They provide a javascript bookmarklet code to allow you to create a SnipURL within your browser. You can refer to for more information about SnipURL.


MooURL let you personalize your short URL. For example, you can personalize your MooURL so that it looks like They also provide a javascript bookmarklet code for you to generate MooURL faster and within the browser. You can refer for more information about MooURL.

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0rz short URL generator

Posted by Dickey on Nov 22nd, 07 | Filed under Internet, Tutorial | 3 Comments will make an URL shorter by giving you a short URL similar to this: It basically is an URL redirection service which provide a very short but NOT easy to remember URL.

0rz.twDo you use TinyURL? If yes, then you will know what is URL redirection, right? is a similar service with TinyURL. Both of them support a preview to the website before redirect to there.

So why we use URL redirection? If we want to post something on our blog, forum, or even send an address to your friend through IM and the address is too long, we may miss accidentally delete 1 or 2 characters and the whole URL can’t work anymore. So, many people choose to use URL redirection to shorten the URL before writing post or send to friends.

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