Release Memory When Firefox Minimized

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This article teach you how to release the memory to the system when you minimized firefox.

Sometimes, user install a lot of themes, plug-ins, and extensions which will cause their firefox consume a lot of memory. It is highly recommend that user uninstall unnecessary themes and plug-ins in order to reduce the memory usage.

Normally firefox will take around 80MB of memory after you open a few tabs. But after you “realeased the memory”, it only take around 20-30MB.


1. Launch Mozilla Firefox

2. Key in about:config in the address bar.

3. Right click at the content (anywhere) and choose New->Boolean.

4. In the textbox, type config.trim_on_minimize and press OK.

5. Set the value to true, and press OK.

6. Restart firefox to take effect.

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  • travelgirl

    doesn’t work on my 64-bit vista box with ff 306… nice idea, though.

    • 406393-001

      Good nice point raised up.