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Advertisement is not just a URL shorten service. Instead, it provide extra features such as track total clicks to the shorten URL.

There are a lot of URL shorten service around the internet. For example, we have tinyURL, which is among the most popular URL shorten service. is a new launch similar service. But, it provide some extra feature for the users. For example, it will keep track total clicks to the shorten URL.

Beside the tracking service, lets users to provide custom keyword. For example, you can customize your shor URL like Some users may ask whether provide bookmarklet button for quick creating of short URL. The answer is yes. You can drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and create URL easily.

Summary of features:

  1. Custom keyword
  2. bookmarklet
  3. API service for web developers
  4. Click/referring tracking
  5. Automatic create thumbnail for the page link through (although i can’t get it to function probably, but the author mention this feature in his blog, so i just list out)

Source: author’s blog

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