oSkope – Intuitive search engine

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oSkope is an intuitive search engine to search Amazon, eBay, Flickr, and Youtube product. The search result can be view in different ways.

oSkope website is design using Flash technology. So, it function like a desktop application. Searching, Opening and enlarging an item can be done in same page. You choose the site which you want to choose and type the kewords, then oSkope will list the results for you. You can drag and drop any item to any place. Click on the item will enlarge the image and you can see the information of that item.

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Portable Firefox

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PortableApps.com just released Forefox Portable Edition this week.

Firefox Portable

Portable Firefox let you to bring your Firefox profile, settings, extensions, and bookmarks anywhere. You can install it in your USB or portable hardisk. Firefox Portable Edition is packaged in PortableApps.com, so it is very easy to integrated in PortableApps.com Suite.

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Browsershots – View your website in different web browser

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Browsershots let web designer to test their website in different web browser.

Click to enlarge

Web designer always face the same problem, that is, they are not sure how their website look in different web browser. It is very troublesome to install different browser in the computer and open one by one. Browsershots solve this problem. User just key in the website address and select browser which would like to test, then the website will go through every browser selected and recorded the screenshots.

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Jaiku now is part of Google

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Jaiku is a Finland Website which let users update their locations and activities over website. This is what we call ‘microblogging‘.


Click to enlarge

Jaiku provide similar service with Twitter, which useweb 2.0 technologies to let users update their details over website.

So, why Google buying Jaiku instead of buying Twitter? I am sure that Twitter is more ‘expansive’ than Jaiku. But, money should not be a problem for a company like Google, right?

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Jajah Button – Receive call without giving away your phone number

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Jajah.com is a company which provide VOIP call. Now, they offer a new service – Jajah Button.


Jajah ButtonJajah Button is a service which let Jajah user include a button in their email signature, eBay auction, and mySpace profile to let other people call them. It hide the user phone number.

User can customized the button by using CSS, set the time when they are free to accept phone calls, and even blocking certain phone number! When someone press the user’s Jajah Button, Jajah will connect both via VOIP line, and the credit will be charged to the Jajah user if he/she accept the call.

Beside customize their own button, user can also change their phone number anytime. Changing the phone number will not cause any problem as the phone number is transparent to other people.

By using Jajah Button, anyone in the world can contact you as long as he/she can open an email. Simply include the Jajah Button code in your mail signature and send your friend an email, they then can contact you by pressing the Jajah Button, wow! Really Great!

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Cre8buzz – a new launched social networking site

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Cre8buzz is a place to let people share their websites, blogs, idea, creativity, and let others discover it.

Cre8buzz logo

Cre8buzz main page

Cre8buzz is a new social networking website which still in beta testing. As you can seen, there are words ‘beta site’ beside their logo. As a social networking website, it lets user to share photos, blogs, and join community.

After you created their profile, you had to join a community, but you can switch to other community after it.

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Vixta – Fedora based Linux

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Vixta is a Fedora based Linux operating system which looks similar with Microsoft’s Windows Vista.

Vixta look [Vista alike???]

As we know, Windows Vista has a very nice User Interface. So, the Open Source developers had developed a Fedora based Linux which have similar looks with it. They even use similar name, ‘Vixta’.

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Gmail now support IMAP

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IMAP-Internet Message Access Protocol. Is a protocol which allow local mail client to access e-mail on a remote server.

Google finally support the IMAP protocol. The screenshot below shows that mail client which support IMAP.

Support IMAP client


Now, Gmail’s users can read, changes, delete mail messages at their desktop and these changes will reflected in the server. Which means when they log-in to the Gmail using web browser, the messages that had been read, will be marked “read” accordingly. So,Gmail’s users now can log-in to their Gmail using different client at different platform and all changes will be recorded!

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SanDisk Sansa TakeTV Video Player

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SanDisk introduce a ‘portable’ USB Video Player which support a variety of video formats, such as Divx, Xvid and MPEG-4.

SanDisk Sansa TakeTV Video Player

Buy.com recently introducing the SanDisk Sansa TakeTV Video Player, which can easily bring your videos to the TV!

The Video Player can connect to any standard TV which have AV inputs. Simply drag the movie file from your computer onto the USB Video Player and the connect the USB Video Player to the TV using the cradle provided. Now, you can enjoy your favourite movie on your TV !

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Release Memory When Firefox Minimized

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This article teach you how to release the memory to the system when you minimized firefox.

Sometimes, user install a lot of themes, plug-ins, and extensions which will cause their firefox consume a lot of memory. It is highly recommend that user uninstall unnecessary themes and plug-ins in order to reduce the memory usage.

Normally firefox will take around 80MB of memory after you open a few tabs. But after you “realeased the memory”, it only take around 20-30MB.

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