Increase your “My Computer” loading speed

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This article teach you how to increase your PC’s speed when opening “My Computer”. Spend 5 minutes and your PC will get faster loading speed when open “My Computer”!

Sometimes, our PC will “hang” for few seconds when we open “My Computer”. It is because Windows XP will automatically search for network computers and printers. It is really frustrating when you are searching an important document and need it urgent. How-To Geek suggest that we can actually turn off this feature to increase the “My Computer” loading speed. Spend 5 minutes to tweak your Windows XP and you wont get frustrated anymore!

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ClipNabber – Download online video

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ClipNabber is another service which let you download online video clip from popular video sharing website such as YouTube, MetaVideo, MetaCafe, and etc.


There are a lot of websites which provide user to download FLV movie from YouTube and other popular video sharing websites. But, most of them only support YouTube. But, ClipNabber support a lot of website, including Youtube, Dailymotion, MegaVideo, Metacafe, Veoh, MySpace, Break, iFilm, Google Video, and etc. This is the advantage compare with other similar service.

Just paste your video address into the URL textbox, and click ‘Nab Video’. Aorund 5 seconds, you will get the link to that video. After download the video, you need to manually rename the file extension to ‘.flv’.

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Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta

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Yahoo! had launched Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta which has a lot of changes especially UI changes compare with previous version.

Yahoo Messenger 9 Beta

The new launched Yahoo! Messenger has intuitive user interface. Among the new features of this version are: localized versions for more countries, new emoticons, and we can embed videos, photos and maps in our chat window. When we paste YouTube link in the conversations, Yahoo! Messenger will automatically display it as a movie . But, there are also some annoying features. For example, each time you click on your contact, a popup window will ask you to choose from IM, VoIP chat and SMS.

Yahoo! Messenger also allow you to forward offline IMs and phone call to your mobile phone. Previously, the maximum file sharing size is 1GB. But now they had upgrade it to 2GB. And if you install Norton Antivirus in your computer, Yahoo! Messenger will scan the file for you after finish download.

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Free 5GB online storage from Gmail

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Gmail had increased its storage to around 5GB(~4.5GB). This was probably caused by other competitor( Yahoo and Hotmail) which offer unlimited and 5GB space respectively.

GmailGmail Drive is an application which con convert our Gmail account into online storage. Manage your ‘GDrive’ is similar as manage your folder on your desktop PC. Between the email providers, Gmail is the only one which can be used as online storage.

Gmail Drive

After install the Gmail Drive shell extension, under My Computer, you will see ‘Gmail Drive’ which can connect to your Gmail account. File upload to GDrive will be convert into an email attachment. So when you open your Gmail, you can see a lot of email message with your filename. You can even email the file to your friends and they can actually download your file using Gmail Drive. Cool!

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GIMP 2.4.0 Released

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GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is free distributed software which can perform photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring. It can be run in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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Net Tools – Free network toolkit

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Net Tools is a collection of network scanning, administration tools, system tools and much more. It has intuitive User Interface. Net Tools is mainly written by Microsoft VB6, C+, and C#.

Net Tools

Net Tools now contain 175+ tools and it require .Net Framework to run. Remember Swiss Army Knife? I believe every network engineer may heard about this before. Now, Net Tools bring more features than Swiss Army Knife. You can configure the menu yourself.

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3Skypephone – Skype mobile phone

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Skype officially launched its mobile phone, 3Skepephone. 3Skypephone can calls, send message and take pictures as a normal camera phone. Furthermore, it allow you to call and send message to your Skype friends without the computer!

3 Skypephone

Basically, 3Skypephone is a mobile phone that let Skype user to call each other free! They phone will start selling at UK on 2 November 2007. Following by Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Republic of Ireland. The user can choose to pay as he go, or pay monthly. Once the user activate the internet service, they can start using this service for free.

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Install Leopard on your PC

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Hackers managed to patched Mac OSX Leopard and create an installation DVD so that it can be installed in a normal PC with just a few steps.


Mac OSX Leopard was officially launch on 26th October but hackers managed to patch it at the next day. Now, we can install OSX Leopard on our PC.

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USD Generator

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Do you think that i can create a USD1 online? Yes, offer this service.

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