ComeStat – Online user and statistic widget for blogger

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ComeStat is a lightweight service which provide a small widget for bloggers to track their visitor.


Similar with, ComStat provide a small widget for bloggers. What you need to do is just paste the Javascript code provide by them into your blog and ComStat will track the visitors for you. The button is look like this ComeStat button. It shows total connections to your website currently. When you click on the button, you can find more details, as shown in the screenshot below:

ComeStat details

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SnapYap – Call your friends from web browser for free

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SnapYap is a free live video calling and video messaging service. Now, they open member registration for 1000 users. Click here if you want to register now.


They provide a small widget that let bloggers embed into their blog.To use SnapYap, what you need is a webcam, a broadband connection, and a web browser which has flash plugin. You no need to install any software in order to use their service.

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PipeBytes – Free online file sending

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PipeBytes is a free online service which let you to share files with your friends. This service is web-based, which means no plugin/software installation required!


Many instant messenger(IM) such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, or mIRC provide users to send file to their contacts. But what happen if you want to send a file to your friend which doesn’t use same IM as you? I don’t think a Live Messenger user can send file to a Skype user, right? So, can we make file sharing simple? Yes, you can. By using PipeBytes, The file sharing is really simple. With just 2 steps, you can share you file with your friends.

So, how PipeBytes works? When yougo to their main site, you can either choose Send File or Pickup File. Let say you want to share an image file with your friend. Then you choose Send File. After that, you click the Browse to select file that you want to share. Then, press the Start Upload button and PipeBytes will generate a 12-digit Pick-up code and a Pick-up URL for you. You can either send your friend the 12-digit Pick-up code or the Pick-up URL. The screenshot below show the uploading process:

PipeBytes Uploading small

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Why i install Top Commentators plugin

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Top Commentators plugin shows a list of visitors who give most comments on your blog during certain duration.

Top commentatorsThere are a few top commentators plugin for WordPress. Currently, i am using Top Commentators Widget v.0.999 from It works with WordPress 2.3. As shown in the scrrenshot, it will list out top commentator’s name and the number of comments that he/she posts on my blog.

Why i use Top Commentators plugin? For my readers, if they post comment frequently, their name will appear in the top commentators list, and will bring incoming links and traffic to their website. So, this actually act as a free link exchange program for the top commentators. For me, Top Commentators plugin encourage more readers to join the discussion, as more contribution they make, their link will get higher chance to appear in the list.

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YooRL – Start tracking your link now

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YooRL is an online tracking service which let you to track an URL, to monitor the spread of the links to others in real time.

YooRLDo you share your bookmarks with your friends frequently? Do you share new website or interesting website with your friends? If so, how to know who visit the link or where the visitors come from? Now, YooRL provide these service for you, and it is free!

YooRL can monitor the spread of the links to web resources and their popularity in real time. This can be view via the “Dashboard” of the link. Users can also know where the visitors come from. YooRL will record the IP address of each visitor and then determine where they come from.

Once you share the link, YooRL users can start to watch what is happening to that link. From the dashboard, you will a map with a few red dots. The red dots show the visitors’ location and you can know how many visitors had view this website.

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13 tips to boost your firefox speed

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There are a lot of tricks and tips that can make your firefox run faster. But some of them are quite confusing. So, i would like to compile a list of useful tips which can really help firefox users to increase the browsing speed.

First of all, you need to go into firefox configuration by enter about:config in the address bar.

Tip 1:
Type network.http.pipelining in the filter bar and set it to true.

Tip 2:
Type network.http.pipelining.maxrequests in the filter bar. The default value is 4. Change it to 8. You can also change this value to larger number, which means firefox will make more requests at once.

Tip 3:
Type network.http.proxy.pipelining in the filter bar and set it to true.

Tip 4:
Type network.dns.disableIPv6 in the filter bar and set it to true.

Tip 5:
Type plugin.expose_full_path in the filter bar and set it to true.

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SpellJax – Ajax spelling checker

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SpellJax is a free online Ajax spelling checker with a very simple user interface.

SpellJax small

Type your text in the textbox. After finish typing, press the “Check spelling” link. SpellJax will automatic check the spelling for you and any wrong words will be displayed in red color.

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Comments bring traffic?

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Do you believe that by leaving comments on others’ blog bring more traffic to you? Caroline Middlebrook proofs this theory. She manages to increase her traffic from 3000 in September to 11,000 in October.

Caroline Middlebrook did a lot of wors in order to increase her traffic( including commenting and StumbleUpon). Although StumbleUpon bring her more traffic compare to commenting, but what i want to say is, a lot of websites send her links too. And those visitors actually view her site after reading her comments.

Why comments can bring traffic? It won’t bring you traffic if you simply spam other people blogs with meaningless comments. You should join the conversations on that topic, and add your own opinions. When other users read the comments, they may click your name if they found your comments is meaningful.

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How to detect invisible Yahoo Messenger’s Friends

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Nowadays, people sometimes purposely change their IM status to “appear offline/invisible”. Xeeber is a website which can let you find out who is online and who is offline. Just enter their name and Xeeber will show their status.


This service really cool as it can easily show your contact’s status by just key in the yahoo ID. But, sometimes people switch their status to “invisible” maybe they got urgent things to do and don’t want people to disturb them. So, please use this carefully and don;t disturb your friend if they really busy.

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10 steps to convert your website from web1.0 to web2.0

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Nowadays, people like to talk about web 2.0. Many website try to redesign so that their website look more web 2.0. Here, i would like to share some tips on how to make your website look like a web 2.0 website.

  1. Change your website’s font size from 10px to 12px.
  2. Use “tag” instead of “category”.
  3. Create a web 2.0 logo for your website. If you don’t know how to create or you don’t have such software, visit web 2.0 logo creator.
  4. Change your website font style to Arial or Georgia.
  5. Use “RSS” instead of “Subscribe to our newsletter”.
  6. Use CSS to design your website. This will also boost up the loading speed of your website.
  7. User Permalink in your blog/website.
  8. Let user comment what you write.
  9. Add “Social bookmark shortcut” and remove “Add to Favourite icon”.
  10. Use blog or any open source CMS to built your website.

The 10 tips above will only make your website look like a web 2.0 website. It won’t really convert them to a web 2.0 website. The more important is try to interact with your user as web 2.0 focus on users. Hope these tips will help those who want to design a web 2.0 website.

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