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URL Opener – Open multiple websites with single click

Posted by Dickey on Jun 26th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet | 12 Comments

URL Opener is a service which let users to open multiple URLs with just a single mouse click.

There are some situations which we want to open multiple website with just a single click. For example, you may reach some websites and found some interesting links which you want to open later. So, you may want to save those links in a notepad, and then copy and paste them one by one to new tabs.

Now, you can do this with just a single click. Simply paste each link to a new line, and click “Submit“. You will then get an “Open all” button. Press it and it will open all links in new tabs. If you wish to open them individually, you can click on their respective URL.

Remember, don’t put too many URLs into the textbox. Open too many link at one time will crash your browser!

URL Opener

Check whether the URL is down for everyone or just you

Posted by Dickey on Jun 7th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet, Tips | 8 Comments

If you found that you can not access a website, you can try Down for everyone or just me. It is a simple website which can check whether other users can access the website.

Yesterday night, i can’t access my website and i try to search for solution. After few searches, i found an interesting website – To use this website, simply provide the URL and it will check for you.

The result above showed that i am the only person who can’t access the website. If they can’t connect to the website, they will show [It’s not just you! xxx looks down from here.]

If you can’t connect to any website, you can use this service to check the availability, and it is actually faster than you to IM your friends and ask themto check for you.

Down for everyone or just me

How to retrieve lost bookmarks on Firefox

Posted by Dickey on May 30th, 08 | Filed under Firefox, How To, Tips | 17 Comments

Bookmarks are very important for everyone. We use it to store important URL and a lot of interesting websites. Without bookmark, i can’t imagine how we are going to remember the URLs.

So, what happen if our Firefox’s bookmarks suddenly disappear? One of my friend’s bookmarks suddenly disappear (i am not sure the actual reason, but i suspect is cause by improper PC shut down). So, how are we going to restore the bookmarks?

Firefox actually do the job for us. So, where are the backup bookmarks and how we restore them? Follow the steps below and you can easily retrieve them:

  1. Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\(your account)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\”. Replace the bracket with your account name.
  2. You will see a folder with random name. Go inside the folder and you will see another folder “bookmarkbackups“. Here is the place Firefox store your previous bookmarks.
  3. Pick the latest bookmarks, copy it.
  4. Go up one level, paste the bookmarks that you just copied.
  5. Rename the file to “bookmarks.html”.
  6. Done. Now your bookmarks should be restored.

LinkBlip – Inform you if someone visit your link

Posted by Dickey on Feb 28th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet | 4 Comments

LinkBlip is a service which let you monitor an URL. If someone visit the link, you will receive a notification email.

Both LinkBlip and SpyPig work in similar way. SpyPig will send you a notification when people open your email while LinkBlip will notify you when people visit your link.

Sometimes, you create a birthday E-card for your friend and you want to track whether they open it or not, then you may try this service. Simply provide your email address and URL that you want to keep an eye on. LinkBlip will then generate a short URL for you. Send your friend this URL. When they open it, you will receive a notification email.


LinkBlip will also show you the recepient’s city and state. The main advantage of this service is its simplicity and easy to use. You can also use LinkBlip as a URL redirection service.


LinkBunch – Turn multiple URLs into one

Posted by Dickey on Feb 23rd, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Firefox, Internet | 2 Comments

With LinkBunch, you can save dozens of URLs under one shorter URL and then share with your friends.

LinkBunchThere are a lot of service which can cut a long URL into a shorter one, but none of them can condense multiple URLs into a single URL. But, LinkBunch provides this service and you can condense as many URLs as you one. The result is a single and short URL which look like this

LinkBunch main

When you open the link, you can see a list of URLs taht you had included. They provide a button “Open entire bunch” for users to open all URLs in new tab. The developers of LinkBunch also create a Firefox extension so that you can instantly create “Bunch” link for all open tabs in your browser. This is very useful when you want to save all the opened tab page and share with your friends.

LinkBunch | Firefox extension

6 free URL redirection service

Posted by Dickey on Jan 6th, 08 | Filed under Internet, Tutorial | 12 Comments

There are a lot of URL redirection service. Here, i would like to introduce TinyURL, SnipURL, MooURL, Small Links, urlTea, and 0rz.


I believe TinyURL is the most popular URL redirection service. How-To Geek had shared some tips on How to See Where a TinyUrl Is Really Linking To and Create a TinyUrl the Easy Way in Firefox.


SnipURL offer some advance features over the other URL redirection service. They provide a javascript bookmarklet code to allow you to create a SnipURL within your browser. You can refer to for more information about SnipURL.


MooURL let you personalize your short URL. For example, you can personalize your MooURL so that it looks like They also provide a javascript bookmarklet code for you to generate MooURL faster and within the browser. You can refer for more information about MooURL.

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0rz short URL generator

Posted by Dickey on Nov 22nd, 07 | Filed under Internet, Tutorial | 3 Comments will make an URL shorter by giving you a short URL similar to this: It basically is an URL redirection service which provide a very short but NOT easy to remember URL.

0rz.twDo you use TinyURL? If yes, then you will know what is URL redirection, right? is a similar service with TinyURL. Both of them support a preview to the website before redirect to there.

So why we use URL redirection? If we want to post something on our blog, forum, or even send an address to your friend through IM and the address is too long, we may miss accidentally delete 1 or 2 characters and the whole URL can’t work anymore. So, many people choose to use URL redirection to shorten the URL before writing post or send to friends.

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