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Do use subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds? Do you like to follow latest information about certain topic? If yes, then you probably like is a service which can deliver up to date information for you through different methods. It let you directly specify which sites that you want to monitor, and notify you whenever the sites update. Although you may use rss to follow the news, but will notify you instantly when there are updates on the sites.

These are the features of

  • lets you get realtime notifications of information you care about.
  • track items on craigslist, job postings, breaking news stories and much more.
  • choose to have notifications delivered to Instant Messenger, SMS, Email, or Desktop Application.
  • easily and quickly manage your notifications through the web interface.

Update Scanner – Auto scan and inform users about website updates

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Update Scanner is a Firefox plugin which will automatically scan and inform users about changes and update of a website. Users can add any websites to the monitor lists.

There are some websites which don’t provide RSS subscription, or you want to get update about the comment on article, but the author didn’t install “Subscribe To Comment” plugin. So, how are you going to get informed when there are changes on those website? View them everyday? Sure this is not a smart way.

Update Scanner can help users on this, by add a option to Firefox context menu. When you want to monitor changes on certain website, simply right click and choose “Scan page for updates” and you can set the scan frequency and threshold, so that you won’t get update too often.

If you would like to manually scan all websites in your list, you can go to Tools -> Update Scanner. A sidebar will appear and show you the list of websites that you monitor.

Tips: I would suggest that you set the Autoscan to a larger value, so that you can save your bandwidth for other usage.

download Update Scanner for Firefox

Upgrade your Windows XP to SP3 now

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Microsoft had released Windows XP SP3 updates. You can get the installer for different language.