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How to enable thumbnail preview for each task in Windows XP taskbar

Posted by Dickey on Jun 13th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Operating system, Tutorial | 6 Comments

Thumbnail preview image is a new feature in Windows Vista. But, Windows XP users also can enjoy this feature by installing Visual Task Tips.

Since i switch to Windows Vista, i really like the thumbnail preview feature. Today, i found an interesting application which can enable this feature in Windows XP. It is a freeware (non-commercial usage).

Visual Task Tips is a lightweight shell enhancement utility. Upon install the application, you can start enjoying the thumbnail preview when your mouse hover to any applications in Windows taskbar. The screenshot above shows preview for “My Computer“.

There are some settings that you can done. For example, you can change the thumbnail size and popup delay. You can also change the refresh rate, but higher refresh rate will cause performance issue.

Can i start this application automatically when i launch Windows? Yes, you can start it automatically. Just check “start application automatically when windows start”. Furthermore, you can also start the application without tray icon. For more information, you may visit the FAQ page.

download Visual Task Tips | download from MediaFire

ShrinkTheWeb – Free website thumbnail generator

Posted by Dickey on Apr 19th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet, Web 2.0 | 7 Comments

ShrinkTheWeb is a web service which can generate thumbnail for website.

ShrinkTheWeb able to generate the website thumbnail within seconds. There are few advantages of ShrinkTheWeb compare to other similar services:

  • Support subdomains thumbnails.
  • No watermarks on thumbnails.
  • Accessible via an open API.
  • Full-length web page thumbnails.
  • Free!

User need to signup for a free account in order to get the links to captured thumbnails.