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40 Creative USB Flash Drives

Posted by Dickey on Dec 16th, 10 | Filed under Inspiration | 26 Comments

USB Flash Drives can range from 256MB to 256GB. We use the tiny USB stick for file transfer, as well as a gift to our love one. I always make sure my USB Flash Drive along with me. To me, USB stick is almost as important as my mobile phone!

Some of the USB Flash Drives are designed to be very small and convenient to fit in with any design. There are a lot of creative designed USB sticks such as credit card, Japanese Sensu, banana, handbag, bottle, transformer and much more.

You could decorate your mobile phone with casing, but do you know that USB thumb drive that we use daily could be creative as well? I had seen a lot of creative USB flash drives designs emerge on the internet and today I am going to showcase 40 most creative and cool USB Flash Drives that I had ever seen! Enjoy!

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SharpKeys – A free keyboard keys replacement tool

Posted by Dickey on Mar 13th, 09 | Filed under Application, Cool Stuff, Portable Apps | 5 Comments

What happen if some your your keyboard keys stop working? Will you use on-screen keyword that comes with your system? Or you will buy a new keyboard? I am sure most of us will choose the second option.

Now, SharpKeys comes and may help us. It can remap one key to another key by storing the mapping to the registry.

SharpKeys - A free keyboard keys replacement tool

SharpKeys is actually a portable application writtien in C# using .NET 2.0. So, you need to install Microsoft .NET 2.0 and above before you can enjoy this utilities.

So, how does SharpKeys help us in terms of a keyboard keys replacement tool? Simple launch the application, and click “Add” to add a key mapping entry. Then, choose which key you are going to map with, and press “Write To Registry” once you done everything. You may need to log off or reboot your PC so that the key mapping take effect.

Let’s summarize what SharpKeys can do for you and what SharpKeys cannot do:

SharpKeys will

  1. Remap one key to a single key. For example, remap “Shift” to “Caps Lock”.
  2. Remap multiple keys to a single key. For example, remap all keys to “A”.

SharpKeys won’t

  1. Swap keys.
  2. Map multiple key presses to one key.
  3. Map mouse click to key.

Please note that SharpKeys key mapping will affect the other users as well. So if you are using a public computer, or share a computer with others, make sure you get permission or inform them before you use the application.

Download: SharpKeys

Server2Go – Bring your Apache Server Anywhere

Posted by Dickey on Nov 29th, 08 | Filed under Application, Portable Apps | 1 Comment

Server2Go is a self configurable WAMPP stack which can be nurned into your CD-ROM or copy into USB pendrive. It require no configuration and can be run on write-protected me dia such as CD-ROM.

There are many examples of its possible useses such as catalogue software, calculation programmes, image campaigns (CMS-based), computer based training lessons or other applicatons.

Main features:

  • Free! No royalties
  • Complete WAMPP Server-Stack
  • Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Hard disk without installation
  • Full featured webserver (based on apache)
  • PHP 5.x support with many extensions installed (e.g. gd)
  • Supports SQLite databases
  • Runs on all versions of Windows from Win 98 and above, MAC OSX support is coming
  • Support for MySQL 5 Databases
  • Supports many PHP extensions (GD-Lib, PDO…) by default
  • Support for Perl 5.8

Download: Server2Go

Visual Subst – Virtual drives for folders

Posted by Dickey on Aug 4th, 08 | Filed under Application, Cool Stuff, Operating system, Portable Apps | 1 Comment

Visual Subst is a portable applications which can create virtual drives for any folders. Users may create virtual drives for folders which need to access frequently.

Some users may doubt, why we want to use this application while we can simply create a shortcut link at our desktop? This seems to be right. But when you open a “Open File Dialog” or “save file Dialog”, these shortcuts will not appear, while Virtual Drives will appear. Furthermore, you can access these Virtual Drives in “My computer”

To create a Virtual Drive, simply provide the directory path and choose the drive letter. After that, press the save button to save your settings. There is an option for you to apply virtual drives on Windows startup also.

download Virtual Subst | download from MediaFire

Search for free portable apps at

Posted by Dickey on Jul 24th, 08 | Filed under Application, Cool Stuff, Downloads, Portable Apps | 4 Comments is a website which collect a lot of useful portable applications. For example, you can get your portable Firefox, portable 7-zip, and portable Skype over there.

Nowadays, USB flash drive is a must have accessories for everybody. It is very common for everyone to have at least 2GB flash drive. So, why not install some portable applications to it?

Just go to, and you will get to know some free portable applications. In their main page, they listed out some of the popular applications such as Skype, Firefox, and Open Office. You can click and view portable applications of different category by clicking the link at your left hand side. will not host any files. All the link will point you to the original website that host the application. Beside this, they provide a brief description for all applications, which is a good feature for those who don’t know about the applications.

I recommend users to download some System utilities to your flash drive. It may help you to solve some system problems. For example, you may download Avira Antivirus, “Autoruns” to detect any applications that run at startup.

Spent some times and you will find some useful applications there.

Unhider – Hide or show any window on your desktop

Posted by Dickey on May 10th, 08 | Filed under Application, Cool Stuff, Portable Apps | 5 Comments

Unhider is a freeware which can hide or show any window on your desktop, which is very useful especially when you want to hide something from your boss.

You can run this application immediately after download, no installation required. By using unhider, you can

  • Unhide any windows which is minimized and hidden after system crashed.
  • View all windows that hidden from you.
  • Hide any windows that can’t be hidden by standard method.
  • Hide any web page/games from your boss in office.

One thing that this application lack is shortcut keys. It would be a great application if we can define our own shortcut keys to hide/show any windows when necessary.

download Unhider

download from MediaFire

Jedi Window Dock – Handy application to create tab for opened windows

Posted by Dickey on Apr 29th, 08 | Filed under Application, How To, Portable Apps, Tutorial | No Comments

Jedi Window Dock let user to dock any numbers of windows inside a tabbed window, so that these windows don’t take up your taskbar space.

Almost all modern browsers will have tab feature, so that user can open different website at one time. But, what happen if you want your windows applications open in different tabs?

Jedi Window Dock is a handy application which will help you on this. This is a portable application, and you can create different dock windows for different group of applications. For example, you can create a dock window for your IM conversations and another dock windows for your Word documents.

After you launch the application, you can start add any opened windows to the tabs. Remember to press the Refresh Window List after you open new program/window so that the application can get the latest opened windows.

You can switch to other tab by press Ctrl + tab button. This application doesn’t consume much memory and works fine with most of the applications.

Note: You need .NET Framework 2.0 to run this application.

download Jedi Window Dock

download from MediaFire

Download Firefox 3 beta 5 portable edition now!

Posted by Dickey on Apr 6th, 08 | Filed under Downloads, Firefox, Portable Apps | No Comments

Firefox 3 beta 5 was released few days ago and now you can download the portable edition to try out the new features.

Mozilla developers are trying their best to come out the most stable version of Firefox 3 and currently the latest version of Firefox is Firefox 3 beta 5. However, many people are not willing to install the beta version, as some of the Firefox 2 plugin still can’t support Firefox 3.

Luckily, the Portableapps group had come out the portable edition of Firefox 3 beta 5. This is a good news for people who want to experience the new features of beta 5 without modify the settings of Firefox 2.

Download Firefox 3 beta 5 portable edition

BookletCreator – Create a bookflet from PDF focument

Posted by Dickey on Apr 6th, 08 | Filed under Cool Stuff, Internet, Tips | No Comments

BookletCreator is a free service which can convert any PDF documents to a booklet document. It will reorder the pages so that after printing and folding the papers, it will look like a small book.

Do you like to carry a book and read it whenever you free? If yes, then the BookletCreator may help you to create and print any PDF documents into a small booklet so that you can bring them anywhere.

This is how it works:

Remember to choose “Print on both sides” when you are printing the documents. After you print all the pages, stack them into correct order and staple them. You will then get a small booklet.

If you documents contain a lot of pages, you may consider to print it to multiple booklets. So, you may need to select the “pages per booklet” and check “Add blank pages to the last booklet” so that all the sub-booklets will have the same number of pages.

BookletCreator only support PDF document. So if you want to print other format document, you may need to convert it to a PDF by using tool such as PrimoPDF. The maximum file size supported is 20MB.

BookletCreator | PrimoPDF

Throw away Windows Task Manager and replace with System Explorer

Posted by Dickey on Mar 21st, 08 | Filed under Application, Cool Stuff, Portable Apps | 2 Comments

System explorer is an application which contains a lot of useful features to replace the Windows Task Manager. It is a free and all-in-one application.

The normal Windows Task Manager comes with only a few features such as Applications, Process, Performance, and Networking. Sometimes, you need to download extra tools to get more informations about your system. So, why not try System Explorer, an all-in-one application for system monitoring purpose.

There are a lot of extra features such as suspicious files check, easy file details search through online database, easy access to System Utilities, and much more.

System Explorer

There are 3 main tabs: Monitoring, System, and Tools. The System tab enable users to perform tasks such as add/delete entry for Startup, uninstall applications, and explore the windows services. The Tools tab let users to easily create snapshots for easy finding of system changes.

Users can carry this application with their USB drive, as it is a portable application. System Explorer support multiple languages such as English, Espanol, Deutsch, Portuguese, and Japanese.

System Explorer website

download from MediaFire

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