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Stickies For Windows – Put yellow sticky notes on Windows

Posted by Dickey on Oct 16th, 08 | Filed under Application, Cool Stuff, Operating system, Tips | No Comments

Stickies for windows is a free application which can put yellow sticky notes on your Windows system, much like Mac OS application.

Sticky note is pretty important. It serve as a reminder for our daily plans. There are a lot of similar applications and some of them are paid applications.

Although Stickies for windows is a free application, it comes with an easy-to-use interface and very customizeable.

The above screenshot showed how you can customize the notes. You can even choose your own system tray icon and synchronize your notes at different PCs through Amazon S3 service.

Once you installed Stickies, you can create new notes by press “Ctrl + Alt + N” and place them anywhere at your desktop.

Stickies for Windows

Songbeat – Find, play, and download music

Posted by Dickey on Jan 30th, 08 | Filed under Application, Downloads | 2 Comments

Songbeat is a desktop music search using Seeqpod technology. It comes with a built-in player and you can search your favorite song directly from your desktop.

The download speed is actually faster than P2P sharing. It is safe to use, because Songbeat does not access your hard drive. All musics shared are already available online, which means you actually download those music from the internet, not from others’ computer. The musics search take only seconds.


There are Basic and Pro version. Basic version is free but Pro version cost $15. The Pro version will not contains any ad and you can get unlimited music downloads. Currently, Songbeat support 10 languages and only available for Windows XP and Vista, the Mac version is coming soon.

Install Leopard on your PC

Posted by Dickey on Oct 30th, 07 | Filed under Operating system, Tutorial | 2 Comments

Hackers managed to patched Mac OSX Leopard and create an installation DVD so that it can be installed in a normal PC with just a few steps.


Mac OSX Leopard was officially launch on 26th October but hackers managed to patch it at the next day. Now, we can install OSX Leopard on our PC.

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