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ChromePlus – Google Chrome With IE Tab And Mouse Gestures

Posted by Dickey on Sep 23rd, 09 | Filed under Browsers, Internet | 158 Comments

Google Chrome is one of the top famous search engine and ChromePlus is built on top of Chromium, open source project behind Google Chrome.


ChromePlus has all features that Google Chrome has, but it adds extra functionality such as Mouse gestures, Super drag, double click to close page, IE Tab and download tools supported in context menu.

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PageRank Status Checker for Google Chrome

Posted by Dickey on Nov 16th, 08 | Filed under Internet, Tips | 3 Comments

You can easily check a website’s pagerank or alexa ranking through a plugin called “Searchstatus” in Firefox. Unfortunately we cannot install plugins in Google Chrome. So, each time i want to check a website’s page rank, i need to switch to Firefox.

Now, i found a javascript plugin for Google Chrome that allow user to check the pagerank or alexa ranking of the website you are browsing.

This javascript bookmarklet can be used in any browser. Simply drag and drop this button [PageRank Status] to your bookmark and press it when you want to check the pagerank or alexa ranking.


Manage your bookmarks across different browsers through Transmute

Posted by Dickey on Nov 10th, 08 | Filed under Application, Internet | 5 Comments

Some of us installed and use more than one browser on our system. For example, i am using Opera, Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome. So, managing my bookmarks across different browsers bring a lot of trouble to me. Luckily, there is an free application called Transmute, which can copy your bookmarks from one browser and then export it to another browser.

Simply choose the source and target browser and click the Export button. Currently, Transmute support Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. the advance settings allow you to create a backup for your bookmarks and append timestamp at your export file.

This application require .NET Framework to run. Before performing any conversion, remember to close all browsers, else you will get error messages. It is because your browsers will lock the bookmarks database and prevent any write action on it.

Download Transmute
Source: Manage Bookmarks between Different Browsers with Transmute

Google Chrome adds Greasemonkey script support

Posted by Dickey on Nov 1st, 08 | Filed under Internet, Tips | No Comments

Although Google Chrome is more “lightweight” compare with other famous browsers such as Firefox and Opera, but one thing that make most of the users avoid using it is because it missing the support of plugins and extensions which will greatly increase the usability of the browser.

However, the latest Google Chrome supports Greasemonkey script. Since there is no way to install extension, so the browser will only loads the scripts from c:\scripts. Furthermore, users need to add the parameter –enable-greasemonkey at the end of the shortcut.

You need build 3499 or later in order to run Greasemonkey script. You may use this method to always get the latest version of Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome Now

Posted by Dickey on Oct 28th, 08 | Filed under Application, Downloads | 2 Comments

Google Chrome is the latest Web Browser from Google. Currently, the developers of Google Chrome had released version, which is mainly target for Dev channel only. There is no new feature introduce in this version. However, it fixed a lot of bugs from previous version.

These are the summary of bugs fixed:

  • Fixes a crash with Adobe Acrobat 9 whenever you close a tab that was showing a PDF file.
  • Fixes a crash while dragging tabs on Windows Vista with pen input or tablet services.
  • Fixes a crash while dragging tabs.
  • Fixes problems with the downloaded files shelf not closing and becoming unresponsive.
  • Fixes not being able to save ‘unconfirmed’ file types with different names (Save As…).
  • Fixes Silverlight video not playing on some sites.
  • Fixes the page encoding menu to work properly again.
  • Fixes a crash in the spell checker.
  • Fixes Ctrl+K to work again (focus the address bar and clear it for a new search).

You may download Google Chrome from this page or download the portable version from this page.

How to check and download the latest Chrome build

Posted by Dickey on Sep 18th, 08 | Filed under Application, Downloads, Internet, Tips | 2 Comments

Google Chrome is a new browser, and the developers release around 10 versions per day. So, how are you going to check the current version and download?

Dirhael from had release an application which can check the latest release and download it using your default browser.

Just press the “Check” button and it will show you the latest release version. after that, you may choose to download the Installer or Archive. The download will start with your default browser.

download from DonationCoder | download from MediaFire