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ReadAir is a desktop application which let Google Reader users read their feed on desktop. It is built with Adobe AIR, which means it is compatible with Windows, Linux, or Mac machine.

Google Reader is one of the best feed reader, but one thing is that you can’t bring it to your desktop. Thanks to the ReadAir team, they had successfully bring Google Reader to the desktop.

These are the features of ReadAir:

  • Mac themed scrollbars and form elements
  • Full synchronization with Google Reader Account
  • Add/Remove/Manage tags
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from feeds
  • Search your feeds
  • User preferences
  • Resizable viewing pane
  • Auto software update
  • Auto login

Currently, ReadAir has Mac interface, but they will implement Windows XP/Vista themes in the future release.

Note: You need to install Adobe AIR before use this application.

download ReadAir

Source: Life Rocks 2.0

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  • nitinpai

    Hey I just happened to write a post on ReadAir. The main reason which prompted me for it was even I got bored using Google Reader for a long time now. Needed a change. ReadAir is nice. Have you tried FeedDemon or RssBandit?

  • Dickey

    @nitinpai: I tried RssBandit before, but i don’t like it because it seems like take a lot of resources. Currently i am using FeedReader.

  • nitinpai

    Could you tell me about how is FeedReader and its features. I am interested to know.