Portable Firefox

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PortableApps.com just released Forefox Portable Edition this week.

Firefox Portable

Portable Firefox let you to bring your Firefox profile, settings, extensions, and bookmarks anywhere. You can install it in your USB or portable hardisk. Firefox Portable Edition is packaged in PortableApps.com, so it is very easy to integrated in PortableApps.com Suite.

Mozilla Firefox is a fast-growing web browser which using Gecko engine. It is more secure and faser than Internet Explorer. For people like me, i had to install Firefox in two different computer, one is my own PC, another one is my office PC. It is very hard to synchronize the bookmarks, extensions, and also the settings. Firefox Portable Edition solve this for me. Now, i install the Firefox Portable in my USB and i will always have same settings, extensions, bookmarks, and profile no matter at office or home. This help me a lot especially when i bookmarks some websites and then read it when i am free at home.

They had fix some security issues in previous version( Now, you can download the version at PortableApps.com. If you want to get further informations about Firefox Portable, please read their support page.

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