How to solve Windows blue screen after upgrade tp XP SP3

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Windows XP service pack 3 has been released for some times. But if you want to install it on your AMD based HP/Compaq computer, you probably will always faced the blue screen problem (BSoD, Blue Screen of Death).

HP had comes out with a solution. There are 5 steps to fix this problem:

  1. Restart computer and press F8 key repeatedly until Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.
  2. Choose Safe Mode.
  3. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.
  4. Find a file named “intelppm.sys” and rename it to “XXXintelppm.syx“.
  5. Restart.

The problem should be fixed and you will no longer get the same error message.

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  • Luke

    I did have problems when installing SP3 which caused me to move to ubuntu. Good HP managed to find a solution for the problem in the case of the AMD driven HPs, sometimes support IS all you need. This just boosts my opinion about HP, but – did MS do that on purpose to boost Vista sales? Would be kind of absurd.

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    Any reasons to upgrade to Windows XP SP3?

    I am using Dell computer, Intel Processor.

    Should no problems ah?

    Wait, I am using *p* version.

    Still can update? I think cannot right? :D

  • Dickey

    @Luke: I agree with you that support is the most important. I bought ASUS motherboard and i found that their support is really bad, this make me never go for ASUS anymore! But i don’t think MS purposely do that to promote Vista…

    @Deimos: Can update. But i think you need a patch. Try search through Google. I am sure you can easily get a patch that will “convert” your *p* version to *o* version..Haha

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  • Steve Yu

    I no update with Win SP3 yet. Should be not problem with Intel right?

  • Dickey

    @Steve Yu: I think Intel preocessors won’t have this problem. My friends have installed SP3 but they didn’t complain about it.

  • ito

    HP had comes out with a solution. There are 5 steps to fix this problem:

    1. Restart computer and press F8 key repeatedly until Windows
    2. Advanced Options Menu appears.
    3. Choose Safe Mode.
    4. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.
    5. Find a file named “intelppm.sys” and rename it to “XXXintelppm.syx“.
    6. Restart.

    when i’m trying to follow your step, i’m stucked in the third step.
    when i choose the safe mode, screen appear the same screen as the first time i turn on my computer.

  • Dickey

    @ito: You manage to enter the safe mode?

  • Dave

    Solved the problem with an HP Pavilion a1007w, AMD Athalon.


  • ant

    I have intel and can’t even get into safe mode without seeing the blue screen. Now what??

  • Bhaskar Manogaran

    well, i unable to get into safe mode so please suggest any of you tommy’s from the rid.

  • nasha

    follow this steps
    boot from cd and repair ur computer sample and it’s works…..

  • anil tamang

    how to solve the bad sector in my hard disk

  • SaravananSubramaniam

    Too good..

  • Ken

    Worked like a charm on a Compaq Presario!! Thanks! I was pulling my hair out over this.

  • Paul

    Worked on an HP a1410n. Thank you for your answer.

    Fresh reload with system recovery, then installed SP3, then blue screen.

    other fixes did not work, this worked first time.

  • valium

    I’d have to test with you here. Which isn’t one thing I normally do! I get pleasure from studying a post that may make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

  • schel

    Thanks for you simple fix, worked great.

  • Samu

    Thanks! It work´s!

  • Eric

    Lead me to 20 min. of happiness…then the BSoD took it all away :(

  • Amon-ra

    I can’t believe it really works :| :| :|
    Thank you!! :,)

  • fix my computer

    Thanks for sharing the steps to fix blue screen problem. I am facing this problem very frequently, Can you tell me why the exact reason why it is happening so frequently….

  • Antony Wang

    Does it work on asus

  • Sayamsattar

    Thanks allah ap ko kush rakay

  • Mike

    Works like a charm on this old HP Pav. a1630n pc.
    Thanks a bunch.
    Mike McArdle

  • Neil Goldsworthy

    Thanks very much – fix worked like a charm!

  • Goodneighborbob

    That is perfect, thank you so much.

  • Christopher Mignano

    Thank you