How to retrieve your Firefox’s saved password

May 1st, 08 | Filed under Firefox, Tutorial | 5 Comments


Firefox Password Manager is a good tool to help us keep our username and password for email, forum, or any other online service. But, sometimes we may forgot the password and we may want to retrieve them from the Password Manager.

It is not advisable to let Firefox remember your password if your computer is used by more than 1 people. But if you had chosen to remember your passwords and want to retrieve them, you may follow the steps below.

First, go to your Firefox, choose Tools -> Options. Switch to the Security tab and press the Show Passwords button. After that, you may see a popup window which listed out all site that you choose to remember your passwords.

Press the Hide Passwords/Show Passwords button will hide/show the password for that particular website. Again, it is not advisable to let Firefox remember your passwords, unless you are too lazy to remember it.

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  • iCalvyn

    even i am using my own PC, i seldom save password too…
    i follow your method to check my firefox, no password are store there,,,

  • Dickey

    @iCalvyn: Normally Firefox won’t store our password. I seldom let Firefox remember the password, because i share PC with others.

  • SeLink

    You can recover all passwords using passcape mozilla password recovery

  • Henry

    I have both Firefox and FirefoxPortable on my pc.
    Firefox is my default browser.
    It is not set to remember passwords, nor history.
    It is mainly used for “normal” browsing.
    Meaning, anyone can use my pc/browser.

    FirefoxPortable, on the other hand, is set to remember everything.
    I use that for my personal browsing.
    Meaning, I am always signed in when I go to my blog, email, etc.

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