How to retrieve lost bookmarks on Firefox

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Bookmarks are very important for everyone. We use it to store important URL and a lot of interesting websites. Without bookmark, i can’t imagine how we are going to remember the URLs.

So, what happen if our Firefox’s bookmarks suddenly disappear? One of my friend’s bookmarks suddenly disappear (i am not sure the actual reason, but i suspect is cause by improper PC shut down). So, how are we going to restore the bookmarks?

Firefox actually do the job for us. So, where are the backup bookmarks and how we restore them? Follow the steps below and you can easily retrieve them:

  1. Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\(your account)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\”. Replace the bracket with your account name.
  2. You will see a folder with random name. Go inside the folder and you will see another folder “bookmarkbackups“. Here is the place Firefox store your previous bookmarks.
  3. Pick the latest bookmarks, copy it.
  4. Go up one level, paste the bookmarks that you just copied.
  5. Rename the file to “bookmarks.html”.
  6. Done. Now your bookmarks should be restored.
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  • Jayson Ang

    An extension/plugin i recommend is foxmarks. it consistently syncs your bookmarks to their server. and even if you reformat your computer. you’ll still be able to retrieve your good ol’ bookmarks.

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  • Technology Slice

    Thanks for the tip. I find it very annoying when I accidentally delete bookmarks.

  • ameo

    aha nice tip .

    i knew that firefox is making some backup but i didn’t knew where ..

    thanks for explaining that to me

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  • Beth

    That is a handy trick. I would be sad if I lost my bookmarks because I tend to bookmark sites that I wouldn’t be able to remember on my own.

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  • http://yahoomail,facebook,andmyspace tiffany

    how do i retrieve my password since i lost my email address password.. i use firefox so please help

  • Dickey

    @tiffany: Are you saved your password using Firefox? If yes, you can goto Tools -> Options -> Security -> Press Saved Passwords -> Press Show Passwords. After that, you can view your saved passwords.

  • Heidi

    thank you very much!! you see my firefox sometimes updates without telling me and i lose all my bookmarks. it has happened three times already and until now i haven’t had any luck with retrieving the lost sites.
    So thank you again!!!

  • Cindy Eggleston

    I lost all of my bookmarks too and followed the steps to retrieve them, I found the back up folders but they did not contain all of my bookmarks, nothing I do is working, I cannot find my bookmarks. I hate the thought of taking my computer in and paying over a $100 to have a computer tech try to find them, especially if they are really “lost” forever.

  • Karlos Peloblanco

    I was able to find the bookmark html file but I wasn’t able to access the folder to paste it for some reason. Instead, I simply pasted it to my desktop. Then, opened up “Organize Bookmarks” in the Bookmarks tab. Up at the top of the Organize window, I clicked on Import and Backup, then selected the Import HTML tab. Navigated to the desktop and Voila!

    I lost my bookmarks upgrading from Firefox 2.0 to 3.0.6. It definitely caught me off guard. I’ve never lost my bookmarks upgrading with Mozilla in the past.

  • Robb Green

    I did what Karlos suggested and it worked. I had a crash and had to reinstall windows and then reinstall Firefox which was version 3.52. All my bookmarks were gone. However when you reinstall Windows Vista, it saves alot of files into a folder called “windows.old.” When I did the reinstall, I did not know this. My bookmarks were there and I did what Karlos advised. Theyyyyyre Baaaak!!!

  • cate

    i lost bookmarks when i organized them into folders and then when i when back to look for them i couldn’t find them, i still dont know what happend…

  • A.J.

    I only lost on folder, weather, I found the bookmark backup but don’t understand what it means to go up one level and paste.


    Its prolly better to use some online service isnt it. These bookmarks “issues” happen very offen. I have in mind or

  • Princeyanky

    i want to share my problem .suddenly my computer os corruptd so i reinstall windows xp .but there were very important bookmarks and history .how can i recover them please tll me any solution