How to convert registry file to batch file

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Reg To Bat is a small application which can convert Windows Registry files (.reg) into MSDOS batch files (.bat).

Reg To Bat

This application is very useful when you want to create a batch file from any registry file. It is written using .NET Framework 2.0. You can download .NET Framework from Microsoft homepage.

Although you can merge your registry file by right-click and choose Merge, but this batch file can quickly merges into your registry without asking any question.

Below is the screenshots for both .reg file and .bat file:
Registry file

Reg To Bat registry file

Batch file

Reg To Bat batch file

download Reg To Bat

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  • Firas

    Can you update the download link please

  • RJ45

    Yes, can you publish a valid link to the program, please? The official webpage is dead… maybe could you upload the program to rapidshare or megaupload.

    Sorry for my bad english :P

  • S.Nasir Jamal.S

    Dear Sir, Good Afternoon.

    Your given link are not able to download the Reg2bat converter.
    so plz send this software on my email, i shall be waiting for your email.


    Your,s Truly

    S.Nasir Jamal.S
    Hello @ 0322-9091780

  • S.Nasir Jamal.S

    I daily visit this web and try to dowload but invain.

  • RJ45

    I have found a Chinese version of the program. You should first install the chinese fonts in windows, but it works like a charm (the program is very intuitive).

  • RJ45
  • Kashif Aziz

    no Mr RJ45 : i cant found that chines version, will you please send me the complete link or share any where else…


  • Rj45

    The mediafire link is working.

  • ebico


  • velociraptor

    Just download new version – PORTABLE and freeware and no need Netframework and error-free not

  • Adhir ch. mondal
    it is a broken link.
    please solve and re-correct it.
    you must upload the latest version reg to bat software.

  • pdf to xls converter


    Thanks guys for this post which is very helpful for all users to convert registry file to batch file.

  • Tarkan Dost

    @RJ45: that version have a bug please download error free version: