Grab free license for PC Tools File Recovery now!

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For a limited time, PC Tools File Recovery is giving away free license key for everyone. So, grab your free license key before it expired!

PC Tools File Recovery is able to “undelete” your files. It is designed to restore deleted files from local hard drives, floppy, and other type of fixed media such as USB sticks or memory cards. Although the price is affordable ($29.95), but i believe everyone like free things, right?

So, follow the below steps to get yourself a free license key.

1. Visit this page and enter your name and email address.

2. Go to your mailbox and you will see an email from Open the mail and you will get your license key.

3. Download and install PC Tools Free Recovery software.

4. Launch the application, and click the “Register” button. Use the name and license key provided in the mail. Thats all, you can now have your full copy of PC Tools File Recovery.


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  • Vaibhav

    Thanx for this buddy, It was much required :)

  • Syahid A.

    Nice offer man. Looking forward to test this freeware.

  • Deimos Tel`Arin

    So much trouble and hassle, just make sure don’t delete the files that is not meant to be deleted! :D

    Though sometimes accident happens … -_-

    I am using PC Tools Spyware Doctor Starter Edition (Free) though. :p

    It is one of the softwares in Google Pack.

  • aseef

    tnx fr this

  • miranda

    Hi. I registered but had not got the license key. What can i do? I need it… :( :( :(

  • Jennifer

    thanks for the help

  • dfggf

    pc tools free software key

  • Anonymous

    Although I believe there’s a free software download I am not totally convinced that we will not pay for a license one. Although there’s a way of course for us to download it but to use the whole thing on the software for free is a big no no. I appreciate that people can use it though on limited mode.

    Roger Cowell
    how to delete file

  • Smithgable

    Numbers of people using a computer usually deleted their files accidentally. Some are using an unformat software which is used if ever they accidentally deleted the files. There is dependable recovery software which is from time to time use for the safety of files.
    How To Recover Overwritten File

  • Anonymous

    this really is a good news for us.