G.ho.st – Global hosted operating system

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G.ho.st is a free web-based Operating System, a virtual computer that can be accessed by anywhere using a web browser. It provide every user a Virtual Computer (VC) which will include the personal settings, desktop, files, and even applications.

G.ho.st Similar with Joose, G.ho.st is an online desktop with an operating system and a virtual environment to store your personal settings. They provide up to 3GB storage for files and 3GB for G.ho.st mail. You can access your virtual desktop anywhere as long as you have internet access and a web browser.

G.ho.st hosted a lot of applications and services, which can run immediately without installation. Most of the applications are online services which are also free. You can view the complete applications list here. User can create a single-sign in for services which use frequently, such as Google Docs. They provide a ftp fr each user so that they can download/upload anything easier. For browsing and email, G.ho.st comes with its own browser and email client which has a pretty interface. The screenshot below shows G.ho.st browser application:

G.ho.st browser

G.ho.st is still in public alpha and it takes long time to load the application. But, its interface really attract me. Although it provide a lot of applications and services, but it is too few compare with desktop applications. I hope that they can try to integrate as many as online applications in future.


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  • http://wingloon.com Wing Loon

    Cool. Will try it this week. Thanks, :)

  • http://g.ho.st Rami

    Thank you so much for reviewing G.ho.st. We promise to work hard to live up to your expectations in making G.ho.st faster and launch a lot of new integrations with all the leading Web 2.0 applications between now and our beta launch soon. Pleas keep feedback coming at http://forums.g.ho.st/


    From G.ho.st team

  • http://www.metalroofingfaq.com Alfie Davies

    For me, the best operating system is Linux because it rarely hangs…-

  • http://www.biotinsideeffects.info Morgan Parker

    operating systems can either make or break your system that is why it is wise to choose a vey stable one..:”

  • http://www.tub-chair.net Tub Chair 

    the best operating system is always Linux, after Linux it is Windows XP. Vista sucks;:”

  • http://www.tragaperras.co.uk/ Tragaperras

    Did you see the news that Apple revealed today OS X 10.7 . The Lion (this is it’s name) seems to have some great new features. I am amazed! It is scheduled to ship in the summer of 2011.

  • http://www.postnasaldriptreatment.info Post Nasal Drip Treatment

    there are many different operating systems but of course i would still prefer to use linux for stability ~~: