Gavotte Ramdisk – Free virtual hardisk

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Windows Vista has the capability to turn your USB into RAM, but Gavotte Ramdisk can turn your RAM to a virtual hardisk! This virtual hardisk can read/write faster than a “real” hardisk!

Do you have a lot of RAM in your PC? Do you know that it can actually convert to a virtual hardisk so that it can be accessed faster than a “real”hardisk? Why i said this virtual hardisk is faster than your “real” hardisk? This is because RAM has a faster read/write speed than a hardisk. By converting part of your RAM to a virtual hardisk, you can boost up your system performance.

Ramdisk can be used to store frequently accessed but less important data, such as temporary internet files, P2P client, and compression utility. Before you use Ramdisk, you must aware that all data stored inside will be deleted once you reboot your PC, as the RAM will be refreshed once power off. So, Ramdisk is not suitable to store important data.

Gavotte Ramdisk is a free software, which is compatible with Windows Vista and support all windows filesystem, including FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. You can download Gavotte Ramdisk here. I will describe how to create a virtual hardisk.

Step 1

Click on the Ramdisk.exe to start your application. If you never install any Ramdisk before, all options will be disabled except the Install Ramdisk and Cancel button. Let’s click on the Install Ramdisk to start.

Ramdisk step1

Step 2

You can choose the Disk Size and Drive Letter. For the Disk Size, please choose properly and depends on your needs. If your PC’s RAM is more than 1.5GB, you can choose up to 256MB. I advice that you keep around 1GB for your system if you are using XP and around 1.5GB for Vista. You can choose any Drive Letter. In this example, i choose 256MB and M: as my drive letter.

Ramdisk step2

Step 3

You have done all the settings. Your system may require you to restart. After that, you can find your Ramdisk on My Computer.

Ramdisk step3


You can remove the Ramdisk anytime by click the Remove Ramdisk. Ramdisk is very useful for BT users, as BT client always read and write from hardisk, which will shorten the hardisk lifetime. By using Ramdisk, it will prevent this to happen. But, remember to copy downloaded files from Ramdisk before you shutdown your PC, else you will lost everything!

Download link

fownload from MediaFire

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  • kokor

    thanks,it’s a good software.

  • Scott

    Awesome piece of work! Well done. Can you please say if it works on XP or Server 2003?

  • Dickey

    @Scott: Sorry i can’t answer this question as i don’t have any Windows Server 2003 here. /but i personally think i will.

  • bekkra

    I have used your excellent software before, but now on Vista x64 SP1 it is obvious that the lack of signing stops the product.
    Can you please sign the software in a manner that is acceptable for Vista SP1 ?

  • Dickey

    @bekkra: Sorry i don’t think i can sign this software for you because it is not create by me.

  • solnyshok

    Hi, I tried it with Windows 7, developer build, and it fails to install. Any chance to update it?

    • Ertan

      I also tried it on Windows 7 beta and didnot install on my system, too. Any update as to Windows 7 will be appreciated.

  • solnyshok

    ok, tried it in Windows Vista RTM compatibility mode, and it worked. Thanks.

  • James Whitlow
  • Dickey

    @James: From the result page, only DrWeb and eSafe give warning. As long as it pass most of the antivirus software, it is safe to use. If you still worry, i suggest you try to install an antivirus on your system and scan it.

  • Bolo

    If you have Windows XP 32 bit – and 4 GB of RAM, you can use PAE and create ramdisk in memory that is not used by system (over 3.5 GB).

  • Brainless Bob

    I can’t remove installed ramdisk on Vista. When I click to remove ramdisk it says to reboot, but nothing changes. What should I do?

  • JD

    Vista x64 SP1 – Clicking “Install RamDisk” results in immediate “Fail,” no details as to why.

    • Lulz

      it needs to install unsigned driver.Turn Windows’ Driver Verification or something name like that off

  • Sanmatheus

    Hello, can you tell the official site of Gavotte Ramdisk? Thanks

  • solnyshok

    For x64 W7 (and I think it should work for x64 Vista too) I use

  • Hansen

    The Ramdisk on my System doesnt work. I have Win7 x64 Ultimate. What is the problem?

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  • Ghost

    64-bit operating systems can (usually) run 32-bit software because the processors support instructions in both modes. it actually takes a lot of work for that to happen, but you usually don’t notice. drivers tie directly to the hardware addresses, so they aren’t compatible.

  • Condenser Dryer 

    i am also not a fan of overclocking personal computers, if done incorrectly, it could permanently damage your system-`*

    • xMVince

      I agree with you, but this has nothing to do with overclocking.

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  • Jimbus

    Great software! I will try as soon as possible, i have a lot of RAM unused in idle use. This looks perfect

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  • danilo

    If 32bit Xp see on my pc 3,2 gb of total 4gb ram, does Gavotte see the remaining 800 MB unsed one ?
    On the contrary what other freeware can I use ?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • медведь

    хорошая программа