FireShot – Best Firefox plugin to capture website snapshot

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FireShot is a Firefox plugin which let you capture any website shapshot and you are able to perform simple editing to it.

I had go through SuperScreenshot, which is a screenshot generator for website. But, if i want to add some text or comments on the image, i have to download the image and use any image editing tools, which take longer time for me to perform such simple works. So, i try to google any Firefox plugin which can capture website screenshot and perform simple image editing features. Finally, i found FireShot, a great plugin but simple to use.


First of all, you can choose either capture the visible area or the entire page. After that, you can start edit the image capture using the tools provide. For example, you can draw lines or add text. The other editing tools which provided are Crop, Fill, Blur, Glow, Invert and much more.

The screenshot can be saved into PNG, JPEG, or BMP formats. Furthermore, you have options to export this image to your external image editing tools or email it immediately.

Note: If you like Firefox plugin which can capture screenshot without perform any editing tools, you can refer to Screengrab! and Pearl Crescent Page Saver

FireShot extension page

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  • vaibhav

    Cool, a plugin to capture and edit as well. And with such good features, Lokks to be great, Trying it right now.

  • Sketsa1

    Thank’s, I Captured all my client and printed all to make a portofolio.

  • Tutorial, Tips, Trik, Info.

    thanks for this info ^_^ i will make tutorial with it…