FilterMyRSS – Create filter for any RSS feeds before subscribe them

Jun 8th, 08 | Filed under Internet, Tips, Web 2.0 | 3 Comments


FilterMyRSS is a web2.0 service which can filter any RSS feeds with keywords. You will get a new URL to the new feed created.

Sometimes, we subscribe to a blog, but we only interest in certain types of articles. For example, maybe you just interested in the “internet” topic. Unfortunately, most of the blog systems don’t provide such feature for users to filter the feed before subscribe.

Luckily, FilterMyRSS solve this problem. simply provide the feed URL, provide them your keywords and you will get a new feed URL.

The screenshot above showed that i filtered my own feed with keyword “internet”. The new feed URL is shown above the textbox. Just use the new URL when you subscribe to the feed.


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  • Luke

    A really neat thing, although I do WordPress myself there are as you say a lot of blogging platforms out there that do not have a feature like tagging and search results subscribe natively built in, and coding XML is something not everyone is up to. Again, great tool, thank you :).

  • Beth

    This could be quite a time saver for people who subscribe to lots and lots of feeds.

  • Block Websites

    Wonderful idea and grate tips, thanks for sharing technique of creating filter for any RSS feeds before subscribe them.