Create multiple countdown timer with Compact Timer

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Compact Timer is a free application which provide multiple countdown, countup, alarm, and stop watch features.

Compact Timer

Sometimes, you may need an application which can create a few countdown timers, which can remind you on somethings. There are a lot of applications which provide countdown feature. But, i am a .NET supporter so i come over Compact Timer.

There are different type of timers such as Countdown, Countdown to Date/Time, Countup, Countup to Date/Time, and Stop Watch. You can create unlimited timers and run them simultaneously.

Compact Timer require .NET framework 2.0 and above to run. All timers created will be automatically saved into your system.

Create new timer

There are a lot of settings for the timer. For example, you can create actions when your timer finish countdown, open file or URL, and popup notifications.

This application consume around 26MB of memory. So, if your PC doesn’t has sufficient, you better try other similar applications, else it will cause your PC slow.

Compact Timer homepage | download .NET 2.0

download from MediaFire

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  • Wing Loon

    Wow…this is cool. Countdown timer for your supper reminder, :D

  • ilya

    This is exactly what I was looking for and it’s in .NET :)
    Thank you very much!

    Some of us have to cook the dinner =D

  • Tep Bootooks

    Awesome! multiple timers *Forever*! and not being cut down to one timer when the trial is over like ‘time left’. Now I can do my work while my hot Ramen cools off!

  • Akhil Mittal

    i need the code for this compact timer….Please provide me code for c# .net
    Please mail me at

  • MG42

    A choice, though not being supported any more. Standing for and disregarding the miserable CNET download with its ‘foolishing downloader’! Phui… Alas… If discontinued, there are 3 products separately from one and the same producer, look at Otherwise, there is no way out due to the discontinuing…